Sven O. Müller, E.ON

PGD Diploma Leadership and Social Responsibility

What experience at ESMT has supported you most in your growing in your leadership role?

The status of a person’s personal development and career is always an important reason to participate in a specific course and also affects what he or she gets out of it. For me, Finance for the Non-finance Executive prepared me for a new role at my company. Many of the leadership programs at ESMT have aided me in overcoming hurdles in my personal development, but I have gotten the most out of the negotiations programs because negotiations are everywhere.

What have you taken back to the job from your participation in ESMT executive education?

The classes at ESMT have helped me to develop a broader perspective. On the job, I have had an intercultural experience, moving from Germany to Sweden and then back to Germany. ESMT has also supported intercultural exchange through cultural and industry diversity in the classroom.

What on piece of leadership advice would you give to those just starting out in their (management) career?

Relax a little. Continue to be passionate but also be patient regarding your career. It may simply be the wrong time, so do no put too much pressure on yourself.