Danni Mohammed

Global Strategy & Innovation Consultant, Executive MBA 2016 - 2018

Before applying to the program, the term Executive MBA sounded so grand, so established, serious, and out of my reach. It sounded in a way beyond me. But I quickly realized - and it is validating through the course now - that it isn’t beyond me.

After 13 years working in the advertising and marketing industry I felt unchallenged. I knew the trade like the back of my hand and had come to a stage in my life where I wanted to become more intellectually stimulated, develop broader skills and hone my approach to leadership.

I had this sort of epiphany to study again. My internet research of ‘master’ and ‘sustainability’ brought up ESMT as one of the Top 10 universities globally with regards to sustainability. Combined with the fact that Berlin is a very vibrant and dynamic area, it was a perfect choice for me and I've not looked back!


I quickly realized that my executive studies aren't beyond me.