Akshatha Hegde

ESMT - MBA 2018

Hussein Alhyari

Intern at Deutsche Bahn AG

Kalpesh Ahire

ESMT - MBA 2018

Flor Martinez

MBA Graduate

Liliane D. F. Patricio

Strategy Execution Manager @ Allianz

Mr. Ghulam Qadir

Coordinator IRC

Syed Ahmad Nameer

Masters in Management 2017-2019

Raquel Gonzalez Rodriguez

Master's in Management 2017-2019

Alice (Ching-Wen) Chen

Master's in Management 2017-2019

Aysel Ceren Acar

Master's in Management 2017-2019

Larisa Kryuchkova

foundress of Uvisio


Master's in Management 2017-2019

Jack (Wen-Jui) Liu

Master's in Management 2017-2019

Andrea Graf

Master's in Management 2017 - 2019

Charbel Nasrallah

Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft, MBA 2016

Subhashree Bhattacherjee

ESMT Berlin, Master's in Management candidate

The fact that the program was still in its early stages is what drew me to the MIM program. I always believed that I could also grow along with the course, facing newer challenges everyday, both academic and personal. The city of Berlin offers the best services to internationals and ever since I have arrived here, I knew I had made the right choice. Since I am from India, the cultural transition was not as smooth as I expected, but with time I realised that the facilities and the opportunities that this city offers is why I coveted Germany so much.

Dhimitra Papadhimitri

Master's in Management 2017 - 2019

Massimo di Tria

Deputy Global Head of ALM and Strategic Asset Allocation, Allianz Investment Management SE

Riccardo Cocchini

Procurement Manager, Audi AG

Bo Xu

MBA 2017

Ognjen Obucina

MIM Alumnus, ESMT Berlin

Roland Korn

Architect (state council building, ESMT Berlin campus)

Yash Shah

Product Supply Manager, Procter & Gamble

Siddharth Karthikeyan

MBA 2017

Shruti Vasudev

MIM Student, Responsible Leaders Fellow

Philipp Dennis Niederhagen

Founder, Queens & Bees

At the beginning of the Executive MBA, I was convinced that if I would graduate this MBA will be a door-opener for me. But I was not fully right. This program is even more an eye opener. It helped me grow in many different areas. 1. Enjoy diversity - this was maybe the most powerful learning of all 2. Listening is more powerful then endlessly talking 3. asking questions is the key to success 4. Think about all the impacts a decision you take will have

Enrique Martínez García

Ariane Group

Farah Charafeddine

Founder, HERZ Medical Engineering

Larisa Kryuchkova

foundress of Uvisio

Claudia Donzelmann

Executive MBA 2011-13

Moreen Matsilele

MBA 2017

Thierry Legrand

HR Business Partner, Kuehne + Nagel France

Roy Macaraig

MBA 2017

Svetlana Lanets

MBA 2017

Prof. Dr. Johannes Habel

Associate Professor, ESMT Berlin

Christian Castillo

Master's in Management 2015-2017

Daniel Ullrich

HR Executive - Change & Lean Transformation Lead, innogy SE

Christina Herrmann

Human Capital Executive, Executive MBA 2016 - 2018

Funda Kirezci

Master's in Management 2014 - 2016

Marawan Dessouki

Corporate Treasury Consultant, KPMG, MBA class of 2016

Yuri Yevsihin

MBA 2017

Marty-Joern Klein

Director Institutional Clients, Allianz Global Investors KAG

ESMT means learning differently: from others, from experience, interactively in group exercises. Mastering Negotiations met all my expectations, with a professional preparation by the ESMT team and a group of qualified participants.

Matida Ndlovu

Master's in Management 2014 - 2016

BTM - Bringing Technology to Market

Christopher Nigischer

Project Manager Cooperative Innovation Projects, NXP Semiconductors

The two days at ESMT were just great. Step by step the blockchain world unfolded and during interactive sessions, breaks and evening activities, we were able to draft plans which now – only five months later – have led to concrete new projects.

Sven O. Müller, E.ON

PGD Diploma Leadership and Social Responsibility

Danni Mohammed

Global Strategy & Innovation Consultant, Executive MBA 2016 - 2018

Bar Schwartz

Master's in Management 2014 - 2016

Sunil Mathur

CEO Siemens India

Several years ago, BTM provided me with insights and concepts that have been highly valuable for improving my business and very beneficial for the development of my career. Today, Siemens India delegates each year top sales executives and general managers to this program so that they, too, may benefit from this exceptional experience.

Hemdat Sagi

Alumna Executive Transition Program and Head of Economic and Trade Mission to Germany, Embassy of Israel

The program director was inspiring and a source of energy for everyone. The excellent sessions provided me with real and valuable tools for life. I took with me a lot of learnings that I have already begun to implement in my work. I am very fortunate to have been able to take part in this unique experience. Thanks, danke, toda!

ESMT Berlin | Germany's top business school

CNN commercial

Larisa Kryuchkova

foundress of Uvisio

Andrian Gavrilita

Consultant, McKinsey & Company, MBA Class of 2016

The year at ESMT is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It has been a game changer in both my career and life. The year is intense, so it is up to you to balance and prioritize: You can learn enough, a lot, or everything. Some professors were awesome, while others were ‘only’ great. But the learning came both from faculty and my classmates.

About ESMT Berlin

Kristen Herde

Founder and CEO, YeaHR!, Executive MBA Class of 2007-2009

The ESMT Executive MBA helps you ask the right questions. You learn to build strategies that are driven by what your organization needs. I chose ESMT because of the school’s strong relationships with its founding and sponsoring companies. The leaders of major global organizations are regular visitors to the classroom. You are able to share in their knowledge and insight. You also have an incredible level of access to professors and peers. I was able to build relationships that I still maintain to this day. It is this refreshing openness that truly sets ESMT apart.


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